A little About my Self

I personally believe that a happy and inviting workplace leads to extra productivity and an overall better experience of the company. I currently have experience with 1 year at Delta Air Lines as an onsite Technology Customer Service Representative (40 hours). This experience has molded me into an expert at human relations able to explain detailed software problems with people that are unaware of technical terminology as well as with people from all walks of life from many different countries. Such as China, Japan, Germany, England, Korea and the Philippines to name a few. During this experience I went to school fulltime (13 hours) to achieve my associates in general studies degree including some background in Sociology, Psychology & International Relations.

I consider myself a jack of all trades. I love rattling my brain on projects, I have a logical mindset that leads me to understanding most problems quickly and efficiently. Doing the research needed to solve more difficult problems is more of a fun game than work too me. I prefer working with a team of experienced professionals, however I do enjoy teaching new comers all about technology.