My Skill-Set

File Manipulation
I have experience navigating and manipulating file systems of: Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. As well as Windows server 2008, Windows server 2008 r2, Windows server 2012, Windows server 2012 r2. 

Along with Debian based Linux operating systems, Ubuntu, mint, Debian, Rasbian, backtrack (3-5), kali 1.0, (most recently I have been learning the redhat system on fedora 25 with the "dnf" package manager)

System management
I have 15 weeks experience managing Windows 2012r2 & Windows 2008 r2 server environments at Oakland Community College in Michigan, USA. 

I have 15 weeks experience managing Linux servers using debian and fedora server environments at Oakland Community College in Michigan, USA.

I have 8 years of experience installing desktop operating systems of all types including Mac Windows and Linux.
As well as windows and mac system recovery.

Virus removal
I have experience with virus removal (windows only). Using virus removal tools

Programing languages
HTML, CSS & PHP (currently learning PHP)
Python- (I have bought 2 textbooks on python but have yet to open them I will learn python when the opportunity presents itself, hopefully soon!)
Bash scripting (I currently only know the basics I am not an advanced scripter)

Office tools
I am familiar with Microsoft Word PowerPoint and Excel

I am also highly experienced with Google search, and web browsing (if I can’t find it on the internet then it’s probably not publicly accessible on the internet)

Photoshop/Video editing
I have Photoshop experience in Windows and Mac (4 months each 8 months total)
I have 35 hours of experience with the gimp and Inkscape editors working at the same time.
I have video editing experience in adobe premiere (mac 12 weeks).
Along with website builders like Weebly and Zyro

I have enough network knowledge to set up some small office or home networks, but have never commercially set up a network.

I have experience managing Debian webservers with SSH (Secured by using public/private keys).

I am highly knowledgeable of computer hardware from the last 10 years. Including AMD and Intel processors (CPU), Radeon (AMD) and Navida Graphics processors (GPU), Power supply units (PSU) of wattage ranging from 250w-1500w, random access memory sticks (RAM) from DDR-2 to DDR-4, motherboards of most vendors, Hard Drive Disk storage (HDD) and Solid State Drive storage (SSD), optical drives, blu-ray drives, multi-card readers, professional grade sound cards, case ventilation heat sinks and water-cooling.

I have gained most of my Linux experience in the last 3 years, all self-taught. I'm currently in a Linux systems administrator class at my local community college.

I have a highly capable trouble shooting mind and there is no problem I have come across that I could not figure out given enough time.

I have built more than 40 desktop PCs about 5 of which have been home servers, about 20 were gaming or video editing style and the rest were family/friend home PCs.

I am constantly learning more during personal hours. 

Work history
I have 1 year experience working at Delta Air Lines as a Service Representative. My job is to diagnose, fix, update and replace tablet computers (running windows 8.1 Mobile) that Flight Attendants and Pilots use to store their manuals on. The company refers to the device as a Skypro, (it is a windows phone with the calling feature disabled) specifically the Nokia Lumia 1520 

People skills
I have the ability to explain how technical issues occur and how it effects an individual in a professional manner, even if the individual has no technical background.

I demonstrate the ability to deescalate intense customers when they present me with an issue on a daily basis. Using specific details to explain differences in user error and device error.

Working at the airport and interacting with so many different cultures has really taught me how to adapt to situations with a language barrier.

I know basic greetings and questions in German and Japanese

In 2015 I spent 3 days in Ireland navigating the southern half of the country by car.
In 2016 I spent 5 days in Japan navigating through Kyoto by public transportation. Only knowing enough of the language to get around and be polite.