SandStorm is a Server application based on cloud computing, that uses bleeding edge technology they call grains. Now more commonly referred to as containers.

 This containerization is complex but can be boiled down to each app that is run on the server gets its own subdomain (container) this protects the other applications on the same physical server safe from attackers. If the sand storm user is running a Weebly website (Know for being vulnerable to attacks) in one grain. A file sharing or cloud storage app in another grain all on the same physical machine. If the Weebly grain is compromised then all your files in the cloud storage grain are still safe! Sandstorm also allows your to grant other computers access to a grain without granting access to the whole ecosystem. This allows us to run our website, a cloud based group spreadsheet, a voice chat room, and a cloud file sharing service. All in separate containers on the same physical machine while keeping each grain safe from attackers if one of the grains gets compromised.

    I have successfully set up my first sandstorm project during 2016. Cloud based technology has been proven to be a great resources to many company's especially with a sandstorm setup. Any office can now have a cloud based white bored to bounce ideas with during meetings accessible to any one that is emailed the key to join your group.