Linux/Windows server

Linux server: Linux pro class 15 weeks at Oakland Community College 
Class was 100% command line based using Fedora 22 and Debian 8.1+ (Taken 01/01/2017-05/01/2017)

Topics in class:

Using Linux
Installation & localization
Boot & Shutdown
User interfaces and desktops

Software installation
Users and groups
Disk and file-system management
Hardware installation
Processes and system services
System monitoring

Windows server: Server pro: Installation & Configure at Oakland Community College
Class was GUI based with minimal parts using PowerShell using Windows server 2008 r2 & Windows server 2012 r2 (taken 09/01/2016-12/31/2016)

Topics in class:
Install & Configure
Active Directory
File & Share access
Print & document services
Group policy

Self-taught Linux:
Debian 8.1-8.7, Linux-mint 17.0, Ubuntu 12.01-16.01, Fedora 22 & 25
(self taught since 2014) these are the operating systems I have the most experience with.

Topics I've studied on my own:
Vim & nano text editors
Securing SSH through public and private keys
Appachie2 webserver 

iptables firewall (install and configure only)
apt-get and dnf package managers
Run-levels (now known as boot targets)
Command line file manipulation
Standard input and output
top (cpu monitoring tool)